Database Testing - JDBC

Dec 18, 2021

We need to access Databases from outside(Intellij, Eclipse etc ) of SQL developer to test

We need to have something that will connect from Intellij to Database to take data or make test

Ready classes written in java, works for all database we just need driver for our type of database, code will not change.

What is JDBC (Java Database Connectivity ) ?

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an API (Application Program Interface) or platform-independent interface which helps to connect java programs with various databases such as Oracle, My SQL, MS Access and SQL Server etc.

It has 2 packages ;*; Basic Database Communication

Interfaces : Connection - Statement - ResultSet - ResultSetMetaData - DatabaseMetaData etc

Classes : DriverManager etc

2.javax.sql.*; Advanced Database Communication

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is the industry standard for database-independent connectivity between the Java programming language and a wide range of databases






  • It is similar action to connect Browser

JAVA —> Selenium —>Chrome Driver—> Chrome Browser

  • We can say JDBC is a middle man that understands Java and Databases

JAVA —> JDBC —> OracleDriver —> ORACLE DB














- JDBC libraries already come with java standard edition(JAVA SE). For every database, there is a Driver that enables programmatic access to the database. Those drivers are developed by database manufacturers.

- JDBC provides DriverManager to connect various Databases then Java Applications can communicate with any type of Database

- DriverManager: This class comes from java.sql package with JDBC. It is responsible to establish the connection to the Databases with the help of the related driver

- JDBC Driver (Database Driver (Oracle Driver- MySql Driver etc ) ) : It acts as Bridge between Java Application and Database. It converts

- Using JDBC will help with code reusability, as code written for one database will work for another type of database, and all we need to do will change the driver/credentials to the database.


Maven Dependency

For Oracle - click

For MySQL - click

What is Connection String ?

In order to test Database using JAVA, First step we need to connect Database via Connection String. It includes URL - Username - Password

String dbURL ="jdbc:oracle:thin:@"; // INSTEAD OF THIS URL USE YOUR IP FROM EC2 INSTANCE

String dbUsername = "xx";

String dbPassword = "xx";

How we can connect Database ?



This 3 steps are important and all comes from import java.sql.*;

Connection → Helps our java project connect to database

Statement → Helps to write and execute SQL query

ResultSet → A DataStructure where we can store the data that came from database

ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE —> to be able to scroll in the table

ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY. —> makes the object immutable.


ResultSet Methods

ResultSet use cursor/pointer to navigate through rows

As a default pointer shows location know as beforeFirst


In order to move cursor to the first row, we need to call next() method

With the help of next() method we can iterate/jump all rows

You can use getString(columnName) to get cell value; -- jump next row

String firstRowRegionName = rs.getString("REGION_NAME");

// OR; -- jump next row

String secondRowRegionName = rs.getString(2);


In order to access data in ResultSet object , we need to use cursor navigation methods 

next()  - move to next row and return true false according to if we have valid row

previous() - move to previous row and return true false according to if we have valid row

first()  - move to first row from anywhere

last()  - move to last row from anywhere

beforeFirst() - move to before first location from anywhere

afterLast() - move to after last location from anywhere

absolute(8) - move to any row by using row number , for example 8 in this case


In order to get the cell value at certain row , you can use column index or column name :








What is ResultSetMetaData ?

ResultSet Object can hold only data. It does not have any info about columnNames or count.

Rsmd is responsible for upper side of table.ResultSetMetaData can be used to get column information about ResultSet object


Database MetaData

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Database Testing - JDBC

We need to access Databases from outside(Intellij, Eclipse etc ) of SQL developer to test